Children training camp 2012 in Naunhof

From 21 - 23 September 2012 the children training camp took place again in Naunhof at the lake Grillensee. Together with the children of the Dojo Asahi in Wurzen we spent a few days with training, playing and getting to know each other. The weather forecast gave hope that it would not get too wet.

After all participants arrived on Friday evening and the parents had put the children beds and the contents of the bags into the cupboards, the children were able to play and explore the area before dinner.

After dinner there was further welcome free time for the children, which was intensively used to explore the grounds and playground. Some clothes in the sand and undergrowth changed from clean to not so clean. Unfortunately, collecting toads had to be cancelled this year because of the advanced season, but many a child hoped to meet a lizard.

The evening ended with board games in the common room or small pillow fights in the rooms. Then the night's rest was proclaimed and silence returned in the rooms. For a short time. The carers had to admonish the children to leave the lights out and to sleep in one or the other room. Some of the unteachable were then asked to take part in spontaneous transport at night at an advanced hour. The children didn't like this very much, as they noticed that the sports promise of the coaches had been fulfilled. The somewhat strenuous memory exercises provided at least for lasting peace in the room.

The next day we had to get up at 7 am and start our morning sport. After a run to warm up the body and stimulate the circulation, some gymnastic exercises were done before we went to breakfast after washing and changing clothes. Then everyone put on their Jiu Jitsu clothes and were divided into groups. In different units there was behavior and prevention training, dealing with a long stick and Jiu Jitsu as self defencing as well as Judo floor techniques.

After lunch, the youngest participants were invited on a dream journey, with the intention of falling asleep with soft music and reading a story to gather some strength for the following part. This worked out so well that the second part of the training day started without them.

The last training session was a bit more over for everybody, because the interest in a Kata which was practiced by two trainers was very high. Little by little the individual groups gathered at the mat and watched. To make sure that those who joined later could see all of it, the Kata was shown again completely. The children applauded enthusiastically.

Afterwards some of the children showed what they had practiced before. Here it was shown that the children had trained very concentrated, because the techniques were carried out as during the training. From all trainers there was praise to all groups about the very good training participation.

Now an event started the year before was still to come. A training Randouri in competition form. The first fight started timidly and the spectators, as well as the fighters, slowly got going. During the following fights it became louder and louder in the room due to the cheers and everyone was enthusiastic about the interesting and spectacular fights. And here also some before shown new techniques from the Judo ground fight found application and saved some from a detention.

Exhausted but with the feeling of having experienced a great training day, everyone went to wash and change their clothes. There was still some time until the planned barbecue in the evening and the discoloration of the clothes that started the day before could be continued. In addition there were small sandboxes, which the children took with them from the playground. Of course unintentionally.

With bratwurst, potato salad and noodle salad all struck properly and soon the children disappeared again to play or watch a movie. When it was dark and the film was over, they went on a night hike. Since it was very dark and not particularly dry, only a small round was chosen out of consideration for the smallest participants. But also that was enough for small fright actions and most of the children were visibly relieved to be back in the accommodation.

Now it was time for the children to take a shower and go to bed. Afterwards there was a short reminder of a small sporting unit at night, in case it got too loud again or the lights were on. But that was not necessary. Most of the children many about 10 minutes later into a deep sleep.

On Sunday it was not necessary to get up so early. After washing and dressing they packed their bags and took off their beds. With the help of the trainers everything went very well and the rooms could be emptied successfully. While the children were having breakfast, the parents gradually arrived and little anecdotes from the events in the training camp provided for smiles and amusement.

Many children found it a pity that the training camp was already over and looked forward to a continuation next year. Then everyone drove off and peace returned in the object Grillensee.