Hanbo course in Leipzig on 09.09.2017

The fourth Hanbo course in sun-drenched Leipzig promised an instructive day with numerous perspectives in dealing with Hanbo and Bokken. More than 40 Budoka from 5 Dojos followed this possibility in "little Paris". Besides the hosts of the Dojo Fudoshin Leipzig the BSV Adorf, the Dojo Asahi Wurzen, the SSV 1952 Torgau as well as the Jiuka from the far Heidenau were represented.

After a short welcoming round Andreas Neldner (Dojo Fudoshin Leipzig) heated up with a taut Hanbo skill & strength exercise, while one or the other Hanbo followed the laws of physics, which was directly rewarded with physical exercise - just as we like that.

We trained in 3 groups. So the Budoka followed the explanations of Richard Schmidt (President of the WJJF-D) and Rudi Strobel (Vice President Sport of the WJJF-D), who gave a small insight into the Kata training. Bokken could be trained against Hanbo. Richard Schmidt took his "Little-Johns" by the hand and gave them help in the defense of the cutting Samurai under the leadership of Rudi Strobel - the participants did not complain any losses of any extremities.

Next door Torsten Kosuch (Vice President Administration of the WJJF-D) and Ulrich Häßner (Technical Director of the WJJF-D) had the honour to teach their students how to handle the Hanbo in close combat. Striking & block techniques as well as lever & choke techniques made one or the other sweat. Meanwhile Steffen Lingslebe (Instructor of the WJJF-D) also instructed the youngest Budoka in the first use of the Hanbo as a defensive weapon. Emphasis was on the powerless lever techniques and the preservation of respect for the own training partner.

The course, which was regarded as positive and instructive by the participants, was rounded off with an extensive "cool-down" under the direction of Georg Mark (Heidenau). Until then, one could not imagine how painful and relaxing the use of a Hanbo as a fascia role using one's own body weight can be. In any case, the author had no sore muscles or any tension after the course.

At the end a feedback round for new views and ideas, as well as much praise for organization and execution of a very successful training course in the east of the Federal Republic of Germany gave. One or the other participant wished for an extension of the program around the handling of the Bo - this was received as positive, however the experienced Jiuka knows that two half things do not result in a whole for a long time.

The Dojo Fudoshin Leipzig thanks all participants and is looking forward to the next course with old and new friends.

Author of the text
Alexander Nündel